Candy Twist is always happy to include interviews, illustrations and/or stories by enthusiastic DIY pop or -punk fans and amateur journalists. There are no strict rules or genre limitations, but we do much prefer upbeat and passionate pieces about the music you love over bitter pieces about music you dislike. We’d also prefer to hear about your DIY pop crush rather than your strong admiration for, say, Justin Timberlake, but who knows? If you can give it a nice twist, we may be all for it.

If you’d like to contribute to a future fanzine, please contact me at:

info at candytwistfanzine dot com

Usually your contributions will be fully published without any editing for content (spelling mistakes excepted), and this certainly won’t happen without your consent. Please contact Candy Twist before writing anything, just in case.

Candy Twist will sadly not be able to pay you for your contribution. Writing is fun, and like-minded people all over the world will read your words. We hope that’ll be enough!

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