Candy Twist fanzine started as an idea in late 2011 after I had failed updating my blog, All That Ever Mattered, for quite some time.

This is what I wrote on the first page of the first zine:

I’ve been writing about music on online blogs for over ten years now, but this time I wanted to do something else. Something better.

Staring at a computer screen has become an inevitable part of almost everyone’s every day, but there isn’t much romance in it, is there? It’s not so much a matter of nostalgia; I’m all for living and loving today. It’s hard to deny though that these printed pages bring something extra to these stories, something that reminds us about that important DIY-aspect of this life we love so dearly. It’s something you can take with you, in more than one way. Without this reminder every now and then, I’d feel we’d lose something vital to our community. I felt it was my turn to make sure this doesn’t happen.

And this is still the main motivation behind the zine. But most of all of course I do the zine because I have lots of fun doing it.

Candy Twist was named after a Dolly Mixture song.

Candy Twist fanzine